Frequently Asked Questions

How many job sites will my postings be distributed to with this service?

Each job posting will be automatically distributed to hundreds of sites, with an intense focus on the nation’s leading websites for diverse Americans, including African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, Individuals with Disabilities, the LGBT community, Veterans, and Women.

How is this service different from others?

The two primary unique features of our service are that we focus on diverse candidates by tapping into our network with numerous sites, as well as aggressively marketing to passive candidates using our text alerts, email announcements and predictive advertising of your specific jobs, including the major search engines.

What is Job Juice and how does it work?

Each package includes a defined amount of Job Juice. Job Juice allocates budget to reach passive candidates by targeting and retargeting potential applicants that are not using job boards. The purpose of Job Juice is to increase views to your job openings to the right potential applicants, who may not be going to job boards to search for a career opportunity. Job Juice utilizes our proprietary technology to extract keywords from your postings and display ads about your jobs on various sites across the Internet when your keywords are included in a search, including on Google. Additional Job Juice can be purchased and assigned to any of the jobs you post on our service.

If I am not satisfied for any reason how can I cancel my subscription?

Each purchase is for a 30-day period of time. If for any reason you decide to cancel your subscription, for any reason, your account will be disabled at the end of the 30 day period and no further charges will be incurred.

How can I make sure applicants I am interested in complete an application in our Applicant Tracking System?

Once you receive a desirable applicant that is displayed on your recruiter dashboard you can select an upgrade to that applicant to have the candidate complete the application in your Applicant Tracking System. The $25 charge for this service will be refunded if the application is not completed in your Applicant Tracking System.

Your system automatically scores candidates, how does your scoring system work?

At the time you create your job posting, there is the opportunity to create a number of questions for applicants to answer. You, the recruiter, define the question and also the score for each question. If it is a requirement for a 4-year degree and the applicant responds affirmatively, they receive high points for the right answer, and conversely if they respond negatively they receive lower points for the wrong answer. Client services will be happy to assist you with this process if you have any questions.